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Alternate Provision Education

Explore Go The Distance CIC’s Alternative Education Provision, offering tailored, supportive learning environments to empower and inspire students outside traditional educational settings. Achieve your full potential!

GTD Include 1-2-1 Education

Experience personalised learning with Go The Distance CIC’s 1-2-1 education provision, tailored to individual needs, boosting confidence, and unlocking each student’s full potential.

DCBC Community Project

Explore our community projects and activities, including educational support, personal development workshops, and volunteer opportunities, all designed to empower and unite our community.


GTD is Community 24/7

100+ years experience

We understand our role


Full-time employees and volunteers

Your Education and Activity Companion

100+ Years

of Experience

At Go The Distance CIC, we bring unparalleled expertise in both boxing and education. Our team combines years of professional boxing experience with a strong educational background, offering programs that enhance physical fitness, discipline, and academic achievement, empowering individuals to excel in all aspects of life using our unique FOUR PILLAR PATHWAY:


Sport is a driver for wellbeing and happiness. With our 3 full size boxing rings plus additional training and warm area we offer the best in modern sports facilities.

Mental Health

We promote improved mental health using sport and team mentality as a driver for happiness, wellbeing and positive thinking.


Throughout our entire programme we offer education, discipline, advancement and a will to become better versions of ourselves.

Employment Advice & Inspiration

To round off the four pillar pathway we offer enhanced careers advice and guidance including the use of our laptop suite and careers experts.

An Insight Into How We Work

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their starting point. Whether it’s through educational programs, personal development workshops, or community outreach initiatives, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters growth and success.

Our Programs

Go The Distance CIC offers a diverse range of programs tailored to meet the unique needs of our community:

  • Educational Support: From tutoring and mentorship for students to adult learning opportunities, we provide resources and guidance to help individuals succeed academically and professionally.
  • Personal Development: Our workshops and coaching sessions focus on building confidence, resilience, and essential life skills, empowering participants to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.
  • Community Engagement: We organise events, volunteer opportunities, and collaborative projects that bring people together, strengthen community bonds, and promote positive social change.

Why Choose Us?

  • Community-Focused: As a CIC, our primary goal is to benefit the community. Every initiative we undertake is designed to create a positive impact.
  • Inclusive and Supportive: We welcome individuals from all walks of life, ensuring that everyone has access to the support and resources they need.
  • Experienced and Passionate Team: Our team of dedicated professionals brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Join us at Go The Distance CIC and take the first step towards a brighter future. Together, we can achieve more, go further, and make lasting changes in our communities.

The Best Facilities – On Demand

At GTD we offer the very best of modern facilities – backed by a huge restructuring and renovation project supported by Sport England we have developed an elite boxing and gym offer. At GTD we have three professional size boxing rings, one of which can be wheeled into storage to allow for a huge dance gym which covers lessons and sessions in Dance, Yoga, Table Tennis, Mindfulness and even Discos and events.

In addition to this we also have a 12 bed beauty therapy/training room and a fully equipped education room with smart board, projector and space for 15 students.

Our whole premises is accessible and DDA Compliant so inclusion at GTD is always the main focus.

Meet the Team

With over 40 years in sport and leisure, Paul has a wealth of experience to offer. He is also a qualified, expert level, official boxing coach at England Boxing.

Paul Lysaght

GTD Director

A former combined forces UK boxing champion Simon has the skills and talent to coach participants correctly in Sports as well as using his huge experience in education to help our students develop and progress.

Simon Patterson

England Boxing Coach and Educator

Julie, an experienced and talented teacher brings many years of experience in education in prison settings to GTD. With Julie children receive the best possible education and attention.

Julie Chismon

Teacher and Careers Coach

Want to know more?

Call us any time via 07429 156 163 or email paul@gothedistancecic.co.uk

You can also find out more here….

Go The Distance Minibus Hire

We also provide transport solutions. From airport hire to events and private drivers we have you covered.

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Durham Community Boxing Club

Based at GTD and at Durham University we offer a fully stocked boxing gym with daily boxing classes for all as well as private sessions, LGBTQ+ sessions, self-defence sessions and more. We are a community, we also plan many other sessions and events.


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